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Press Release, Jan. 4, 2019
Federal Suit Challenges Destruction of Ballot Records by Florida SOEs

(Miami, FL) Six Florida voters representing different areas of the state have filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to stop Florida county supervisors of elections from unlawfully destroying key election materials.

The election materials known as ‘ballot images’ are the records created by digital voting equipment used in all but three of Florida’s sixty-seven counties. Ballot images are essential materials because they produce the actual vote counts. A federal law first passed during the civil rights era requires that all election materials and records be preserved and maintained for at least 22 months following a federal election. The law makes no exceptions. State law mirrors the federal law. Read full press release here.

The 2018 Election–Disaster Once Again 

Governor Scott’s Remarks Called “Disingenuous” by Election Integrity Advocates

November 13, 2018: In a statement released today, members of the Florida Fair Elections Coalition called comments by Gov. Rick Scott about Broward County’s conduct of the 2018 election “disingenuous, partisan, and self-serving.”

“For Gov. Rick Scott to act as though he is the innocent, aggrieved party is entirely disingenuous,” said Susan Pynchon, executive director and co-founder of the Volusia County-based election integrity organization. “On the contrary, it seems that he has benefitted from his own administration’s failure to address long-standing issues with Florida’s elections.”

Read the entire press release here.

The 2016 Election

Our post-election analyses of elections is usually fairly routine, even tedious, as we examine the data, incident reports, and other information to determine how well our election system performed. Our goal is to provide information that will improve future elections.

This year marks an abrupt change, a vast expansion of the worries surrounding our elections. For the first time, we are told that a hostile foreign government has interfered in our elections to advance the election of one candidate and defeat another. It is an unprecedented act of war.

We in the election integrity community have long warned that our election system is vulnerable to attacks. Until now, those warnings have largely been dismissed. What will happen now? But first, it is our job to find out what really happened in this election–especially in Florida. Now the tedious work begins as we begin to examine the data. Click here to find out more.


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