Election Monitoring & Audits

Election Monitoring & Observation

From its inception, FFEC has urged citizens to take ownership of their elections by exercising their right to observe and monitor their elections at their local precincts and elections office. To this end, we have developed training materials as well as packets of forms to be used by poll watchers and other citizen observers to record information. We have offered these materials, free of charge, to whatever groups are interested in using them.

These forms were developed for use with an optical scan system that uses touchscreens for disabled accessibility (called a “blended” system); however, they can be easily adapted for use with other equipment. They can also be used either for early voting or election day.

While you are free to use the materials, we ask the following:

Sample incident report form

Sample poll opening check list

Sample poll closing check list

Sample poll watcher evaluation

Sample Power Point Presentation for Poll Watchers

Sample Quick Guide to the Law (Florida 2020 Statutes)

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